Small loans without checking account to satisfy all the needs of its customers

For some time Lender bank has been proving to be a financial institution that has not succumbed to the evolution of the times but has been able to satisfy all the needs of its customers, changing from the bureaucratic schemes of the past.
A clear example of this trend was the revisiting of its pay bank, a trend that continues with the special loans granted even to those who do not have a paycheck (in recent years the number of occasional or atypical workers has increased). The method to activate these loans is called Fine bank, and it goes through the pay bank card. Here are all the details about it and what guarantees are required.

Top-up plans, costs and interest rates

Top-up plans, costs and interest rates

Fine bank is a personal loan granted by Lender bank to those who already own pay bank or pay bank Evolution (which can also be managed online) and need immediate liquidity without the need to show a paycheck but other income documents.

It provides three top-up plans with credit immediately available on the applicant’s pay bank and with different repayment methods. The first floor considers a loan disbursed of 750 USD to be repaid in 15 months, the second provides USD returnable over a period of up to 20 months, the third provides 1,500 USD to be repaid in 24 months.

The refund can be made monthly or with postal slips sent free of charge to the applicant’s residence address, or with a RID to a bank account or Best bank account. Now let’s get to the costs. The latter consist of a fixed monthly fee (4.50 USD for those who apply for a 15-month loan, 6 USD for those with a 20-month loan, 9 USD for those who pay in 24 months) to which the tax must be added stamp duty on the first installment (16.00 USD) and the one-off stamp duty (2.00 USD).

As regards interest, however, they have a fixed TAN and APR of 18.21% for loans of $ 750, 16.51% for loans of $ 1,000 and finally 15.46% for loans of $ 1,500. . The total sums to be returned will thus amount to 835.50, 1,138 or 1734 USD respectively.

(For information relating to the applied by Lender bank we recommend visiting the official website

Guarantees and requirements

Guarantees and requirements

One of the characteristics of Fine bank is that it falls under the unsecured loans when the loan is taken out. However, some requirements are necessary. First of all, you must be the owner of a pay bank or a pay bank Evolution (nominative or rechargeable) and be between 18 and 70 years of age when making the request. Secondly, even if you do not have a paycheck, you need to show a document certifying your income (applies to project workers, self-employed workers, seasonal workers and so on).

To these requirements it will be necessary to add the presentation of some documents such as the valid identity card and the health card or fiscal code. Foreign citizens will also be able to apply for Fine bank funding. For them it will be necessary to have a pay bank and to show documentation that can certify that you have resided in Italy for at least 12 months if you are an employee or 36 months if you are self-employed.

In addition, it will be necessary to show a still valid passport and permit or residence card, in addition to showing that you have been working continuously for at least 12 months at the same company, institution, etc. For all the more detailed information you can consult the Lender bank website.


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